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Grand Opening

Hooray! We’re finally ready–well, as ready as we’ll ever be, anyway 🙂 Announcing the Official Grand Opening of our Studio Location in Downtown Hilo! We’re located at 165 Keawe Street, Suite 102. For those less familiar,  Kilauea Ave turns into Keawe Street Once it gets into downtown and becomes one-way. We’re just one block up from Bayfront Ave.–The easest way to get there is to Go up Haili Street past the Palace Theatre and take a right on Keawe. We’re about a block down on the right-hand side.

Here’s a lengthy press release with all the details:

For Immediate Release
Hilo, HI – October 29, 2008

A new business, Perceptions Unlimited Photography Studio, has opened its doors in downtown Hilo. Located at 165 Keawe Street, they are conveniently located just a block up from the bayfront between Haili and Kalakaua Streets.

Not your run-of-the mill portrait studio, owners Bruce and Tara Albrecht strive to produce timeless works of art that carry a modern, unique and refreshing style. By utilizing state of the art equipment blended with a solid foundation of lighting, composition, and posing, this husband and wife team’s work transcends what most think of as a photograph. Combining their skills in creating an image with unique products of the finest quality ensures customers receive memories that truly last a lifetime.

But it is the level of customer service that truly sets Tara and Bruce apart. Starting with the pre-shoot consultation to plan the details of your session, the pair use their friendly demeanor and easygoing style to endeavor to get the images their clients are looking for. And the pampering doesn’t stop there. “We don’t put limits on how long a session should last” says Tara, “because we want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable. If you’re having fun, it makes our job of capturing great images so much easier. Young children especially need extra time to get used to having their picture taken, and patience is the name of the game when trying to capture them at their best.”

And the service doesn’t stop there. Using the latest in technology, clients get to see their images on a large monitor as they’re being produced. “Just like the Art Director or Cinematographer on a high-end production has the ability to see the action as it is being captured, we have the ability to make sure we’re fulfilling the vision of all involved,” says Bruce. “We want to make sure as the shoot goes on that we’re catching every little detail. If the session isn’t going in the direction that our client expects, we want to know right away so we can change course and fulfill their vision to the best of our ability.”

Tara and Bruce bring these advanced tools to the post-production process as well. “Compositing, retouching, and colorization are readily available tools for photographers these days,” says Bruce, “but it doesn’t change the fact that it takes considerable skill and talent to produce a quality work of art.” Bruce and Tara use their experience to produce quality images that are both realistic and captivating, even if the subject is a winged fairy or a mermaid. “Modern technology has brought the creative tools for fantastic imagery within the reach of the average budget. We’re so used to seeing photography as the window into reality, but that paradigm has fundamentally shifted. Almost anything is possible, and indeed believable, in today’s photographic world,” says Bruce. “The trick is to envision it—from there, we can make it happen.”

After the session, Bruce and Tara take the images they’ve created and marry them to many different types of products. Besides your traditional wall portraits, the couple can print the image on canvas, fine art cards, even put the images on fabric or glass. “Our custom coffee table books are a popular product, “says Tara. “They are a great way to tell a story and display a whole series of images, like your child’s first year or a portfolio. We can also place multiple images together in a special composite or a collage, to create a very special wall decoration.”

Like many other types of art, the photographic industry has undergone major changes in the last decade. It is refreshing to find a studio located right in Hilo that can help you take advantage of some of the amazing possibilities. Perceptions Unlimited’s tagline sums it up nicely—taking Your Vision, combining Our Passion, to make Memories to last a Lifetime.

So whether your looking for a timeless family portrait, pictures of a new addition to your family, wedding or event photography, high-end images for a model portfolio, or headshots for your business, give perceptions unlimited a call to set up a free consultation. And be sure to check out their website at http://www.perceptions-unlimited.com to see examples of their work.

Stop by for our grand opening on Friday, November 7 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. This also happens to be Downtown Hilo’s Black and White Night, so dress up in your snazziest duds and enjoy the music, galleries, and street performances on one of Hilo’s most enjoyable evenings. Bruce and Tara will be on hand to answer your questions and will be taking portraits printed on the spot within minutes for only $10.00.

Whew! That Says a lot, doesn’t it? Anyway, Tara and I are ecstatic about being a part of the downtown community. We have some great businesses as neighbors, such as Linda’s Orchid Isle Party supply, and Pier’s Center Stage Dance Studio. We’re looking forward to being a part of the thriving community establishing itself in this historic part of town. We hope to see you soon!

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